If you are not currently contracting with the U.S. Government through the General Services Administration (GSA), you may be missing a growth opportunity!

GSA offers businesses the opportunity to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services to federal agencies and the military through GSA approved federal contractors.

GSA contract preferences are given to small business.

A GSA contract term is five years.

Upon contract award a government agency can order your products and services online and without additional competitive bidding.

Although the process to obtain a GSA contract is cumbersome the potential benefit to your company is substantial.

A typical GSA contract offer takes a company one to two months to develop and submit. From submittal to the award of a GSA contract the time period is typically three to six months. This period will vary due to the complexity of the offer and the busyness of GSA contracting staff.

A GSA schedule is for standard or commercial "off the shelf" services, products, and equipment in one of the following 14 major areas:

GSA Schedule (Contract) Guide


General Services Administration And Small Business
GSA actively seeks out large and small businesses able to provide nationwide or local services and products. The general services administration has established goals for awarding government contracts to these businesses and for subcontracting with small businesses. Some small business programs also have "set asides" under which certain contracts are reserved for competition among small or small disadvantaged businesses.

Typical GSA Purchases
Federal agencies typically make purchases from GSA contractors that range from 25K to 500k, without bid competition.

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