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We are Veteran Owned small business with 15 years experience in helping companies obtain hundreds of GSA contract (FSS) awards.

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Expand Sales through a GSA Contract Award!

  • A GSA contract award is for a 5 years;
  • GSA contracts pre-approve your pricing; and
  • After a GSA contract award you market and sell to the government just like you sell commercially

Why Our GSA Contracting Services?

  • GSA contract awards are complicated
  • We provide a free evaluation to determine if your company qualifies for a GSA Contract Award
  • We provide a high integrity service at a fair price (see our Better Business Bureau link)
  • We assist in all types of contract approvals, but we specialize in IT Professional Services and Medical Product contracts.

Examples of Our GSA Contract Service Areas: GSA-SBA provides assistance under most types of Government GSA Contract Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts. The following is a list of some of the key contract areas GSA-SBA provides:

  1. GSA Contract Schedule 70 Contracts. Government GSA Contract Information Technology contracts (computer hardware contracts, computer software contracts, IT professional service contracts, computer peripheral contracts, training contracts and all other IT related contracts)
  2. GSA Contract Schedule 65IIA Contracts. Government GSA Contract Medical Equipment and Supplies contracts
  3. GSA Contract Schedule 84 Contracts. Government GSA Contract Homeland Security contracts, Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response - Marine Craft and Equipment
  4. GSA Contract Schedule 541 Contracts. Government GSA Contract AIMS contracts, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions
  5. GSA Contract Schedule 56 Contracts. Government GSA Contract Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies Contracts
  6. GSA Contract Schedule 899 Contracts. Government GSA Environmental contracts
  7. GSA Contract Schedule 36 Contracts. Government GSA Contract Document Imaging and Solutions contracts
  8. GSA Contract Schedule 78 Contracts. Government GSA Contract Trophies, Awards Promotional Products, Recreational Products, Brief Cases, Trade Show and Exhibit Displays, Signs and related products
  9. GSA Contract Schedule 00CORP. The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) - The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services.

...... and many other schedule area. Click here for information on additional Government GSA Contract Schedule opportunities.

www.gsa-sba.com provides General Services Administration - GSA contract services, GSA IT Schedule 70 contract services, assistance with GSA Contract Schedules and more. www.gsa-sba.com is geared for small businesses at affordable prices.

  • I am extremely happy with the services I received from the Greenleaf Corporation and Andy Ronchak for our Schedule 738X submittal. Andy’s patience, wisdom and technical counsel were instrumental in achieving a successful contract award on a major GSA Contract Schedule. He also available at a moment’s notice when it appeared the process was going haywire! I would recommend Andy highly in guiding me through a very challenging process – you couldn’t go wrong in hiring him!
    Susan Custard
    Principal Custard Consulting Vancouver, WA (Woman Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business)
  • Green Leaf Corporation provides a high quality GSA proposal development service. Our Schedule 84 contract officer told me the proposal submittal was excellent, resulting in a quick award. Vision Security highly recommends the Green Leaf Corporation GSA contracting service provided through www.gsa-sba.com.
    President Vision Security Solutions Houston, TX (a wholly owned female minority business)
  • After going through the GSA training class in Washington, DC we attempted to complete a submittal on our own. As a small IT business, we realized that we needed outside assistance to develop a quality submittal. We selected the GSA service Green Leaf Corporation offers. The communication with Green Leaf Corporation during award and GSA contract negotiation stage was excellent, resulting in a quick GSA Award. If you are a small business looking for a reasonably priced service we recommend the Green Leaf Corporation service.
    Marketing Director ValueDOT, LLC, Arlington, VA
  • ThomTech used this Green Leaf Corporation service to develop three GSA proposals. Green Leaf provided outstanding service in preparing our GSA proposals, assisted us during the negotiation process, and completed all the necessary paperwork. I highly recommend this service to other small businesses.
    President, Thompson Engineering Company, St Paul, MN (A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business)
  • The GSA software proposal we submitted was complex and time consuming, it would have been extremely difficult to accomplish without this Green Leaf service
    Vice President of Sales O’Pin Systems, Eagan, MN

References available upon request.

Veteran Owned

Small business with 15 years experience in helping companies obtain hundreds of GSA contract (FSS) awards.

Free Evaluation

Free evaluation to determine if your company qualifies for a GSA Contract Award.


GSA contracts pre-approve your pricing.

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Please Note: Recently this company has received some requests to remove credit card charges made by a company titled GSA-SBA Express. Our Company titled Green Leaf Corporation, GSA Contract Services at the website www.gsa-sba.com has no connection with the company GSA-SBA Express. For more information on GSA-SBA Express do a google online search.